Setting up for a long summers stay

Loaded portable AC Unit to try

Our over head AC has always been noisy. The base of the unit is raised 3/4 off the roof so the only support is just the 14″x14″ vent frame in the center.

We’ve been blessed to have a location where we can stay hibernating until such time we’ll feel we can start traveling again.

We decided since we are going to likely be staying here in Florida for the hot months we need to do something different on the AC. We got the use of a portable AC unit to see if it’s an improvement.

Of course these unit’s require an exhaust hose going out a window. Camper windows are a bit more complicated to deal with.

Rear Slide window

Though it would be nice to outlet the exhaust through one of the single pane windows and not lose the extra insulation of the double pane that’s just not practical in our case so we’ll build a cover for the bottom of this window so when it’s open the bottom section will hold the exhaust hose.

Slide window showing exhaust hose

Here is the appropriate location where the hose will exit the trailer. Need to build a wooden cover that the hose bracket. I’ve decided to mount the wooden cover on the outside of the window. Since the window will be open all the time this way the inside of the bottom window will stay clean.

Since this is a borrowed unit I need to figure out a way to clamp the plastic exhaust hose bracket to the cover on the window without damaging the bracket.

Roughed out window cover

Here’s a piece of I believe 1/2 MDF left over from our slide out floor repair job. Measured the size needed to cover the bottom part of the window hole while the window is open.

Cut in the hole large enough to mount the exhaust outlet where the wood would not interfere with the exhaust hose bracket.

Window cover with clamps

My original idea was to use to 1×1 sq alum tubing that would bolt to the board but hang over the frame on the inside of the window clamping the board to the window frame on the outside. I had to mod this idea some due to the bottom tube didn’t fit under the hose parallel due to the height of the window we couldn’t raise the location of the hose. I compromised by just clamping the right lower corner with the tube by placing it 45 degrees from side to bottom. We’ll see how that works.

Clamping tubes

This was the configuration I ended up using. I’m thinking I can get enough clamping force to secure the board to the window. There should not be a lot of force or pressure trying to move the board so this should work.

Once everything has been test fitted and proven to work I’ll put padding on the back of the tubing clamps so as to not scratch up the window frame. Foam sealer will be attached to the board on the side facing the window frame so we can get a good seal.

Painted window cover

here’s the semi-finished window cover. I painted it while to help reflect the heat some. I will be adding some 1 inch Dow board on the inside to help insulate it from the outside time.